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Max is all essential components of being human, packaged as a funky cat. Max is love, play and connection but also chaos, serendipity and finding yourself over and over again in many shapes. Max is free to fail and be.

Project Max exists. Max is. That’s basically it. Max exists flaws, fun and funkiness and all. Max is shaped by coincidence, by interaction with other artists, people who react to the designs in the street, online or IRL. By life, by living.

Sometimes Max is born again 10 times a day, sometimes Max rests. Max is for everyone who feels connected. Max is limitless. Max is a way to connect socially, to speak to people’s hearts, to their inner children, to ignite a little spark in people’s eyes.

Orange is a gay colour

Burn Muum
Banana is al that's sweet
AAAAH gardening
Serve me bitch
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